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Expand into Service and Leadership Workshop: 8/16/2020

Discover a distinctive and compassionate leadership model with Retreat to Spirit co-founders Amina Naru and Pamela Stokes Eggleston. Imagine a new paradigm of horizontal and compassionate co-leadership that is rooted in conscious relationship, self-care, vibrational alignment, and contemplative practice.

Amina Naru and Pamela Stokes Eggleston, co-executive directors of the Yoga Service Council and founders of Retreat to Spirit, share their distinctive leadership model and expertise to help you:

Create healthy boundaries

Clear old energy and let go of toxic people and things

Develop distinctive and empowering self-care techniques

Use yogic principles, compassion, and energy healing tools

Discover unconventional methods of co-leadership to help navigate your personal and professional lives.

Through self-inquiry, discussion, breath work, meditation, and embodied movement, we will learn how self-care and healing are a necessary part of a life of service.

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