"Working with Pam and Amina has been a real pleasure. They are effective because they model an interpersonal perspective, emphasizing mutuality, a willingness to listen, open dialogue, clarifying values, surfacing and resolving conflict and building commitment to win-win
objectives. They are transformational change agents who not only teach Compassionate Leadership, more important they model it. They are women of integrity and vision committed to uplifting whomever they serve, their clients, organizations, and the community at large,
literally making the world a better place for everyone."

Gail Parker, Ph.D., CIAYT, RYT 500, YACEP

Gail Parker, Ph.D.

"Heart-centered, ethically grounded, and willing and able to be tough-minded when necessary, Amina and Pamela offer precisely the type of leadership that we need to see much, much more of today.”


Carol Horton, Ph.D.

Carol Horton, Ph.D.

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